Skiing : Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska

Skiing : Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska

The trip to Alyeska seems to be a family favorite. The boys have a blast and, although I don’t ski, and I always enjoy a quiet afternoon to myself.


Lights on the Mountain

Lights on the Mountain : Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska
I took this shot as I was waiting for the boys to finish up as it started to get dark.  I almost got the car stuck trying to drive up a slick hill to get a better angle.

Sawyer Skiing

Sawyer Skiing : Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska
Sawyer learned to ski quickly and fell in love with it on the first trip that we took to Alyeska. On the second trip, he took a bit of a crash and burn that has him a bit spooked for now.


Alex Skiing

Alex Skiing : Alyeski Ski Resort, Alaska
Alex was a natural. His second time skiing and he’s already talking Olympics.


Ski Lift

Ski Lift : Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska


Eric Teaching Sawyer

Eric Teaches Sawyer : Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska


Colorful Skis

Colorful Skis : Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska
Those guys in the yellow in the background came in handy on more than one occasion.

If you are noticing Zach missing from these photos, it is because he doesn’t wait around for photo ops. Once he is off, he is off.



Snowy Day : Girdwood, Alaska

Snowy Day : Girdwood, Alaska

While the boys were off skiing, I was hiking around, thigh deep in snow, taking pictures.


Branches : Girdwood, Alaska
This tree had wild branches like arms with crooked elbows.


Blue Hill

Blue Hill : Girdwood, Alaska
In the winter time in Alaska, everything is so muted that any color in the natural world feels exciting.

Evergreen and Deciduous

Evergreen & Deciduous : Girdwood, Alaska
The blue was really shining on the horizon. I love the warmth of the wood contrasted by the chilly white of the snow.