Being in Cambodia : Phnom Penh & Beyond

Being in Cambodia : Phnom Penh & Beyond

We’re home now!

We had a fantastic time, but were definitely feeling a bit worn out by the end of the trip. Being home leaves me with some new inspiration to share our images and experiences. I intend to keep writing, a little bit at a time, until I have a good record of our journey. So you’ll continue to see new posts now and again. At this point, I’ve still got about three months of the trip to record. At the rate I’ve been going, I’ll be writing all year. 😉

Cambodia is a place that really stuck with us. I remember noticing the intrigue on Eric’s face when he would come back from a walk in Phnom Penh. It was obvious that he felt really interested and excited about being there. And I felt the same.

The funny thing is that on the surface, Cambodia lacks some of the things that might draw a traveler to a place. It is dusty and dirty. We had a harder time finding good food that was also affordable, as we often didn’t trust the street food. For the most part, the places that we went in Cambodia weren’t quite as spectacularly beautiful as places we had been before. But somehow it managed to draw us in the most.