We made it! It’s 4 AM here, 6PM back home. I can’t sleep, everyone else is snoring. Same as usual. Good time to share some photos. In an effort to document our trip for the family without boring everyone, I’m going to write less. Photos with captions it’ll be. We have our good camera with us, but all the visual aids you see from me will come from my phone. We made it here through an overnight in LA. We had most of a day in LA before a 10 hour flight from there to Copenhagen. Our route: Anchorage -Seattle (short layover) – LA (overnight at ES hotel) – Copenhagen. Please pardon any grammatical or formatting errors, Kelly will swoop in behind me clean all that sort of stuff up when she logs in.

Brother Shane & Sawyer. We left our car at Shane and Cel’s place in Anchorage, he gave us a ride from there. Thank You!


Eric, Sawyer, Alex & Kelly waiting for our flight in Anchorage.


A rare selfie, with Sawyer on our way to LA.


Kelly & Alex, fight to LA.


Our meetup with Zach in LA, he spent the last month with Mom & Dad touring through Canada, the Pacific NW, other western states. He came in from Vegas.


We walked Venice beach during our short stay in LA.


Shout out to my buddy Scott!


A little tasteless humor.

…more beach walking @ Venice.


Alex has an annoying foot injury, so we rented him an electric scooter for a couple hours. Zach got in the mix.


The Pacific seemed colder here than in Alaska.


Pull ups at Muscle Beach!

We’re staying at Air BnB’s for most of our trip. This is our doorstep, @ Carstensgade 72, upon arrival last night. Sawyer is collecting the key from a lock box. We were exhausted.


The ‘hood, looking from the place we’re staying at for the next two nights.


Out for a quick bite during our first evening.