We had heard that you could barter with the fishermen for dinner. This is one of those ideas that Alex grasped onto, as he does, and he was determined to make it happen. One day when we shared our anchorage with a bunch of other fishing boats, Alex decided it was time.  He set his sights on the friendly boat that had waved at us on the way in. He figured out how to say “fish” in Thai by looking our Thai / English dictionary, then hopped in the kayak. Eric equipped him with a few beers in a bag as “payment,” and out he rowed.

On the Way


We watched anxiously from our boat, as he pulled up beside the fishermen.  It was looking good! The men scrambled on deck to prepare a bag for him. Then the exchange happened…


The exchange


…and Alex came rowing back…




…with a big smile on his face.


On the way back


Eric grabbed the bag and dumped it on the deck so we could inspect our loot:


The Loot






Then the preparations began:





Dinner is served.