Bologna & Milan, Italy

Bologna & Milan, Italy

Bologna’s streets are perfect for wandering aimlessly, filled with miles of covered porticos that shade you from the hot sun, and shield you from the rain storms — two adversaries that we’ve spent our entire trip combating. Eric took the boys to visit the Ferrari and Lamborghini Museums that are nearby (which I don’t have any photos of – though maybe Eric will add some eventually), but I spent nearly the entire time in Bologna just roaming around the narrow streets and eating the delicious food. I can never get enough pasta and Prosseco. We did climb up the Asinelli Tower for a chance to see all the rusty oranges, yellows, and browns of the streets from above.  I didn’t do a great job of taking photos while in Bologna (I have almost none of the kids – though I did take a few while wandering and climbing the tower).



We also snuck in a quick trip to Milan for the day before saying goodbye to Eric (who had to leave early to head to work, much to our chagrin), and heading off to Sicily. Sawyer and I got to take a quick glimpse of The Last Supper while there, which he learned about with a friend (Hi Berk!).


Paris:  A Summary in Twos

Paris:  A Summary in Twos

Two Museums

The Louvre:

The Pyramid & The Crowds


Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman by Botticelli


Christ in the Garden of Olives by Delacroix


The Young Martyr by Delaroche


Mona Lisa (somewhere back there)!


The Picasso Museum:

Corredo – La Mort Du Torero


Massacre in Korea



Two Climbed Monuments

The Eiffel Tower:

I only have photos of the Eiffel Tower from the ground because I didn’t climb it – the boys did though!


The Arc de Triomphe:

He doesn’t want to look at the feet coming up.

Two Foot Injuries

We had to visit a French Podiatrist for Alex’s infected ingrown toenail. Mission accomplished!


Somehow Eric managed to pick up a tick on his ankle. In Paris??


Two Activities with Sawyer & Alex



Two Restaurants

Fondue was a hit.


Pizza Chefs


And Two x Two Fun Hours with Cadence