So, Copenhagen was a blur. The whole jetlag thing is VERY real. If I was at home feeling like this I’d be laying around in my underwear, staggering around scratching my backside. Instead, I drank coffee…lots of it…and roamed the streets with Kelly and the Boys. Denmark was a quick stop, only three days in all. We walked 19 miles in the 2 full days we were there (yes, I’m keeping track). We smiled quite a bit, scowled and poked at each other just as much. We ate burgers, pasta & ice cream in an attempt to keep the kids happily energized.  Kelly ate what she described as the “best pastry she’s every tasted”.    We hung out in a super old church, the first one I’ve been in since, hmmmmm, the 1900’s? We spent an afternoon at a 175 year old amusement park, which provided killer views of the city. A highlight for me was our trip to the Vikingeskibsmuseet (Viking Ship Museum) in Roskilde.

We’re in Berlin now, after a one hour flight from Copenhagen last night. I think we all slept well, hopefully adjusted to Europe time. Enough talk, time for photos.

Breakfast, the morning after arrival. The best pastry she’s ever tasted.

Pissoir? What’s that?

Our first family portrait in a looong time.

Hey look, an important Danish guy!

Mood bribery.

A Danish cheeseburger, more mood bribery.

Nayhavn – If you google Copenhagen, this place will show up first.

Alex, Sawyer & Zach on a ride at Tivoli. Tivoli opened 175 years ago, it is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world. The oldest is also in Denmark. History, culture & fun all at once!

More Tivoli. Z & A are up there. This one put you about 200′ up, it offered an amazing view of the city. Unfortunately the ride attendant checked our pockets, so no photos.




Sawyer’s sunglasses broke…he’s up and ready for day 3.

The Viking ship museum. This place was a hit!

These boats are nearly 1000 years old!

Our grumpy Viking stare, with a Sawyer photo bomb.

Boat builders at the museum not only replicate the viking ship, but also the building techniques.

At the rope making workshop.

…more interactive stuff at the museum.

Roskilde Cathedral – construction began in the 12th century.

Crypts in the Roskilde Cathedral. All the kids were captivated by this place.

More soon, from Berlin!