You may have noticed that we’ve dusted off the ‘ol blog recently because we have a few new adventures in the works.

Eric already wrote about our bus conversion plans. We also leave in just over a week for a trip to Europe. We will be traveling to Denmark, Germany, France, and Italy. It will look like this:

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I tend to like to travel without a plan, but for this trip we had to get pretty organized because of both time and money constraints. Our trip is 35 days and is sandwiched in between the time that Alex gets out of school and Eric leaves for the summer to go to work. Homeschooling is handy for this type of flexibility, so it wasn’t a concern for the other two boys who are currently homeschooled (though Zach joins Alex at Career Tech High School next year). Europe is no SE Asia when it comes to affordability, so we had to be sure to book affordable AirBnb stays and the cheapest train tickets and flights– which means booking ahead.

We are excited to sneak in another adventure all together before our older boys are moving on to more independent lives in the following years. Looking forward to sharing our travels on the blog. Here’s to hoping that I can get our photos from this trip posted in under three years this time!