SkyI lived in the same house for my entire childhood. It was a sweet and happy home. As a young adult I broke free like a hurling grenade. I left home and didn’t stop moving for years. I moved, saw, experienced. I looked for different and devoured it. I saw value in every culture but my own.

And then one day, after many years of traveling, I found myself sick and alone in a hotel bed in New Delhi, and I suddenly longed for a home. I needed family. So I created one.

Now here I am in small town Alaska, the wife and mother of three wild boys, adoring my life but also yearning for that feeling of being a part of the entire world. That old feeling of wanderlust flares up in me, and I want to sweep up my whole clan and bring them on a grand adventure.

It feels so important to me to raise my kids with a sense of the entire world. To teach them to be aware of others, and of themselves, and of how we all fit together. Yet I also recognize the intense importance of home and find it just as important to foster a sense of it for my children.

So as we are working up to this adventure, I’m developing this website as a way to connect with people and to share our experiences in the world.