Eric is getting ahead of me. I’ll try to catch up! Here are a few more from Berlin:

We stayed along the canal in Berlin in a neighborhood called Kreuzberg. There seemed to be a local ritual  (which I missed getting pictures of) where locals would gather along the canal in the evening by the hundreds (maybe thousands?) to chat, drink beer, play music, etc. It was like a nightly party. The area itself was gritty and beautiful. Equal parts swans and broken beer bottles; roses and graffiti. Berlin had an energy that I really loved.

Zach, Sawyer and I spent a day on Museum Island where we explored the Berlin Cathedral, Neues Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie. The Berlin Cathedral was gaudy and beautiful, and had a great view of the city from the top.


The Neues museum was filled with old ancient art and artifacts. We saw Nefertiti’s bust (no pictures allowed), and a lot of other neat things.  Check out this interesting information about the Berlin Gold Hat.


Or these ancient Blowing Horns from the 8-9th century BC.


By the time we reached the Alte Nationalgalerie, we had some pretty serious museum burn out. We took a look at some Monet and Renoir and then headed out.