Two Museums

The Louvre:

The Pyramid & The Crowds


Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman by Botticelli


Christ in the Garden of Olives by Delacroix


The Young Martyr by Delaroche


Mona Lisa (somewhere back there)!


The Picasso Museum:

Corredo – La Mort Du Torero


Massacre in Korea



Two Climbed Monuments

The Eiffel Tower:

I only have photos of the Eiffel Tower from the ground because I didn’t climb it – the boys did though!


The Arc de Triomphe:

He doesn’t want to look at the feet coming up.

Two Foot Injuries

We had to visit a French Podiatrist for Alex’s infected ingrown toenail. Mission accomplished!


Somehow Eric managed to pick up a tick on his ankle. In Paris??


Two Activities with Sawyer & Alex



Two Restaurants

Fondue was a hit.


Pizza Chefs


And Two x Two Fun Hours with Cadence